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Cranksets for MTB bikes of all speeds and ranges in the market. Mountain Bike Crankset

Types of Mountain Bike Cranksets

Triple Chainring Mountain Bike Cranksets

Triple chainring cranksets are commonly used for 9-10-speed transmissions or even lower. They offer more versatility due to their wider range of chainrings, making them ideal for cyclists who want to tackle long routes with steep slopes or those who prefer an easier time climbing significant gradients.

Double Chainring Mountain Bike Cranksets

Double chainring cranksets are more commonly used in 10 or 11-speed transmissions. When combined with a well-matched cassette, they provide great versatility and are lighter than triple chainring setups. They are popular among mountain bikers who want to confidently handle both descents and ascents, thanks to their wide gear ratio range.

Single Chainring Mountain Bike Cranksets

Single chainring cranksets (also known as monoplato) are used in 11 or 12 speed transmissions. SRAM introduced the first single chainring cranksets in 2013, revolutionizing the world of MTB competition and mountain biking enthusiasts. They offer a wide gear range, thanks to cassettes with large 50-tooth cogs, providing optimal pedaling performance on almost any terrain.

Mountain Bike Cranksets

Mountain bike cranksets are one of the most important parts of the bike's transmission. They transfer the pedaling force to the bottom bracket axle, making the MTB move. There are many brands and models of mountain bike cranksets available, compatible with different mountain bike brands and transmission types. Mountain bike cranksets come in various crank arm lengths, which vary based on the rider's height or preferences. Therefore, it's important to choose the appropriate crank arm length for mountain biking. The attachment of chainrings to mountain bike cranksets can be either bolted or through the direct mount system, where the chainring fits directly into the crank arms without the need for bolts. 

Mountain bike cranksets are made from different materials, such as lightweight and absorbent carbon fiber or commonly used aluminum cranksets known for their durability and lightness.