Road Cranksets

Road cranksets, a fundamental part of road bike transmission, are essential for generating power to the wheels. Every good bike needs a crankset or crankset assembly that is suitable for your bike. Road cranksets are highly important in terms of weight characteristics and energy efficiency.

Carbon and aluminum cranksets

The two materials commonly used for manufacturing cranksets are aluminum and, in high-end models, carbon fiber, sometimes including powermeters.

Aluminum is the standard option for bikes in the low to medium-high range, while carbon fiber cranksets are typically found on very exclusive bikes. The trend among manufacturers seems to be the increasing production of all-carbon fiber cranksets, whether it's Shimano or Sram. The connection with the chainrings continues to be made through 4 or 5 bolts, allowing for easy replacement due to wear or for upgrading, as the Americans call it, an "upgrade."

Crankset lengths according to frame sizes

Road cranksets are usually used in a length of 172.5 mm in most cases, measured from the center of the bottom bracket axle to the center of the pedal thread. In smaller frame sizes like 47 or 50, cranksets of 170mm can be used, while in larger sizes above 58, cranksets of 175mm in length are suitable.